CIWM/Defra Masters’ presentation

Along with my colleague Dr Waleed Montasser, I recently presented the findings from two MSc projects, at a seminar organised by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra), in London.
The projects entitled ‘Voluntary and Community Sector organisations (furniture re-use) and the sustainable consumption and production agenda in the UK’ that was undertaken by John Dururu and supervised by myself and ‘The use of social media in
local authority waste management practices in England’ that was conducted by Raheel Jafri and supervised by Waleed, were funded by Defra and the Chartered Institution of Wastes Management (CIWM).
The aim of the event was to examine the policy implications of the findings and to highlight areas for future research. This was the first time in the seven year history of the CIWM/Defra programme that students and supervisors were invited to present their findings at Defra. The seminar was attended by representatives from Defra, the CIWM, the Wastes and Resources Action Programme (WRAP) and other academics.
Copies of the dissertations are available from the following link: CIWM/Defra Masters’ dissertations

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on “CIWM/Defra Masters’ presentation
One Comment on “CIWM/Defra Masters’ presentation

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