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Welcome to the Technology for All blog – a place for sharing ideas and experiences to help meet a range of individual learning needs in schools.

We are a group of educators in Milton Keynes who meet informally to share stories, tips and practical strategies from our classrooms, with the aim of overcoming some of the learning barriers and challenges faced by our pupils.

Joining in can be as simple as talking around the table or standing up for a few minutes to show something on the interactive whiteboard. Or you may choose just to listen with enthusiasm to colleagues telling about their use of the internet and other technologies. Hopefully you’ll leave inspired to try something straight away and also get the chance to network and plan to work together. Do join us in person if you can or add your responses and ideas to the blog!

Main Contacts:

helen.caldwell@milton-keynes.gov.uk (SENDIS)

tinawrightsrs@yahoo.co.uk (Slated Row School)

Twitter: #techforall

Group Contacts

The 17th January group thought it would be useful to share emails. Let Helen know f you would like to be added to this list (or removed).

Rosie Durrant (The Redway) rosie.durrant@theredway.net

Linda Empson (New Bradwell) newbradwell@gmail.com

Sway Grantham (Bradwell Village) (@swaygrantham)

Jo Skelton (Gilesbrook) johannaskelton@gilesbrook.org.uk

Jenny Brown (Gilesbrook) jennybrown@gilesbrook.org.uk

Ann Murtagh (Olney Infant) ann.murtagh@olneyinfant.org

Ruth Ayling (Heelands) ruth@the-aylings.fsnet.co.uk

Rachel Cross (The Walnuts) Rachel.cross@walnuts.milton-keynes.sch.uk

Margaret Bulleid (Loughton Manor) margaret.loughtonmanor@gmail.com

Ruth Burgess (Cold Harbour) ruth.burgess@coldharbourschool.org.uk

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