Reflection – Belinda

What I have learnt/have tried/have noted from being part of this MOOC so far…..


  • How to set up and film with iPad, lights, mic, autocue
  • How to use Slack as a team/project space
  • Make sure the dates don’t clash with Easter holidays!

Intro wk 1

  • How to take part in a Google+ community
  • Announcement email needs to be posted at the time the course opens, with Send eMail immediately ticked
  • Emails from Announcements do not show images – these are only seen when logged in
  • People joined the G+ community, but may not have been enrolled on the course
  • Have set up a ZeeMap, posted the link on the G+ community: and added as a link to ‘About this community’
  • AdviseUoN staff that the login for the OpenEducation course is not the same as their NILE login
  • Send a welcome message to everyone who posts in G+.
  • To use open ended questions in welcome blog posts in order to encourage participants to engage

Intro wk 2

  • Have set up an account with Google Analytics, and tracked ZeeMap
  • Found that you can schedule tweets (e.g. Q1,2,3) using Tweetdeck
  • Will use Tricider for voting/decision making
  • Have seen how to add Upcoming Events to Google+ Community
  • Zaption is great for adding questions to an online video such as YouTube or TED
  • Used Time and to generate a link for the Tweetchat
  • Recorded the tweetchat using Storify !!
  • Trying (not very successfully)
  • Google Hangout for team meetings – brilliant use of time, recorded.
  • Tweet root
  • Twitonomy

Week 1

  • Used Send eMail in the course site to remind everyone of how to log onto Open Education, and to Google+
  • Send reminder tweets about the Tweetchat, so that people can schedule
  • Advised Nicki of Evaluation > Course Reports
  • Investigating RISE leaderboard, and G+ analytics with Jim

Week 2

  • Twitter Archiver

I’ve learnt so much!  – and that’s not even the course content.…….  🙂