When I saw the Teaching with Tablets course
advertised I wasn’t sure I’d be able to join in, being a TA rather than a teacher. However,
everyone involved in the course was wonderfully welcoming and after quickly learning how
to navigate Google+, I found this to be a fantastic way of sharing ideas with people from all
over the world. The Blackboard platform was easy to access at any time day or night
which made it easier to fit in study. Not only did I discover new apps, e.g. Google Street
View, Timeline and MadPad HD, but some terrific ways of using them. The course has
shown me new and imaginative ways of combining apps and also the physical with the
digital. In particular, the sections on using technology outdoors and visible learning have
been greatly beneficial, encouraging me to try out new tools and consider and explore
exciting ways of capturing, supporting and assessing learning both in and out of the
classroom. I felt particularly encouraged to make use of the iPad outdoors for treasure
hunts, etc and to record findings using photos and video, which could then be used in
other projects too, e.g. e-books. Assessment was an area I hadn’t looked at much before
this course so I was delighted to find some really useful tools that I didn’t know about, e.g.
AnswerGarden and Tricider.
The course has helped me to look at the educational use of tablets with fresh eyes and
completely review our school’s list of apps, so that we are now finally in a place where we
can move forward as a school and use our iPads to best advantage. Hopefully, this course
will have given me more credibility as I try to gently encourage staff to consider the more
creative and practical ways of using them.

Fiona Peters 09.05.16



Greetings for the day,

It’s a great pleasure and honor for me being a part of such a diverse group with clear guidance. TWT/16 is an unending journey for me. I never believe that one can gain confidence in use of ICT within the short period of 5 to 8 weeks but it is proved now.

Thank you for all your support and guidance.

Krishna Shukla (Tiwari) TWT/16


Nicola Schofield on Twitter:

“ah, I am doin their MOOC and its the best I have done so far – loads of live input makes a huge difference.”


Debbie Dickinson

Twitter chat 17.03.16

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Liz Jones

Feb 29, 2016
+Helen Caldwell thanks Helen. This course has been really amazing already. Enjoying it very much. Here’s to week 2!

Liz Jones 5.3.16

The course has been so brilliant it’s fine.
I’m inspired, I’m sharing with other colleagues here too, it’s fantastic. And besides which the provision your end us very thorough so you need time for that too. ?

Thanks also for the info. I’m so impressed with the course. It’s been really useful and enjoyable. I’m s big mooc fan now! 11.3.16 on Twitter


Nicola Scofield 26/2/16:

“Apologies, I don’t have any finished products to share yet, I have only just had time to catch up with week 1.
However, I wanted to say what an amazing collection of inspirational ideas and resources you have shared with us – I took ages to read it as I kept getting distracted and diverted to other sites eg the excellent Zig Zagging Through Education & Tech (link below) and watching the videos.
There are lots of ideas I would like to try but wish we lived closer to Northampton Uni so that all our staff could come and benefit from the wealth of your expertise. Your ideas are so achievable.
I need to work out a way to spend time with each class teacher to try and engage them with some of the ideas demonstrated by the teachers in the Media Day for Teachers video – for example, I loved the Silent Movie & I can finally see a use for the iMovie trailers.
Thank you again, this is excellent – by far the most imaginative and detailed computing teaching MOOC I have been involved with! Any primary school with tablets should persuade all their staff to get involved with it.”


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Fiona Peters

Jun 26, 2016

+Helen Caldwell Thanks for your kind comments, Helen. The children have been brilliant throughout the whole project, really throwing themselves into the activities. It’s nice to have been able to capture some of the special moments for them to look back at with their parents, especially those who weren’t able to come along during the school day sessions.

The TWT course was a great source of ideas and inspiration (as was your book too). So many more things I’d still like to try out!