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Our team members are Helen Caldwell, Jean Edwards, Jim Atkinson, Rebecca Heaton, Anna Cox, Rob Farmer, Belinda Green, Neil Smith, Sway Grantham, Kim Calvert, Nicki Wise.

Welcome to Wayne Chalmers from Standens Barn School, Stacey Ramm from Duston Eldean School and PhD student Imane Tiahi who are going to join us in January.


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Helen Caldwell is the curriculum lead for Primary Computing in Teacher Education at the University of Northampton. Her teaching covers the use of technology across primary subjects, implementing the computing curriculum and assistive technologies for SEND. She offers CPD for teachers and Initial Teacher Training across these areas. Her PhD research focuses on the transfer of innovative pedagogies in technology education within professional learning communities.


My name is Kim CIMG_3312 (1)alvert, I am a primary school teacher currently working in an SEN school. I previously worked in a primary school for 5 years before moving into special needs teaching. I am currently the computing coordinator at my school and have spent the last two years developing and improving our computing curriculum to ensure it is both creative and effective. I am passionate about using technology to support creativity within the classroom not just within the computing subject. Our school is a lead school for computing in our area and I am a CAS Master Teacher as well as a Raspberry Pi Certified Educator. You can contact me on kimcalvert@billingbrook.northants.sch.uk.


Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 16.36.59 Dr Neil Smith is a senior lecturer in computing at The Open University. His interests include artificial intelligence, data analysis, and introductory programming. He is the community and school outreach lead for the Computing and Communications department. He has taught introductory programming to undergraduates and school children. He was influential in setting the educational content of Code Club. He is an active member of Computing At School, has trained a cohort of CAS Master Teachers, and is an assessor of the BCS/CAS Certificate in Computer Science Teaching.



Jim Atkinson, University of NorthamptonMy name is Jim Atkinson and I’m a Staff Development Trainer and E-Learning Developer at the University of Northampton. Along with my colleague Belinda Green, I run a monthly app cafe for staff to learn about must have work-related apps and services for their phone, tablet and PC browser. Such apps include those for use within learning and teaching or for general productivity purposes both inside and outside of work. I also use a wide variety of authoring tools to create interactive e-learning. These incorporate the use of various web apps and services that provide, amongst other things, social media and gamification to enhance the learning experience.



Rebecca Heaton is the curriculum lead for Art and Design in Teacher Education at the University of Northampton. She runs the art specialism course for undergraduate trainee teachers and assists on the PGCE Program for primary and early years students. She is studying towards an EdD at The University of Cambridge which focuses on understanding cognition in the practice of art educators. She has a keen interest in visual research methods and arts based research practices.



Jean Edwards is a senior lecturer at the School of Education, University of Northampton, working in English team. She teaches on the Foundation Degree Learning and Teaching (FDLT) and the BA Learning and Teaching (BALT) degrees. She has an interest in art education and the use of digital technology to enhance learning with students and the pupils the pupils they support and teach in schools.


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Anna is a Senior Lecturer in Education.  She is passionate about training teachers to work with young children and uses that as an excuse to have all kinds of educational resources that are exciting for young learners.  Working with young learners provides lots of opportunities to use technology to support teaching and learning.  As the oldest member of the group she spends lots of time catching up with her colleagues!

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