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Welcome to the Teaching with Tablets online course project blog

This blog documents the development, presentation and evaluation of a free online course: Teaching with Tablets.

This is an interactive and participatory online course on how to make effective use of iPads and tablets for teaching and learning.  Our course is aimed at educators across all levels, from Primary to Higher Education, from NQTs to experienced practitioners. Anyone with an interest in the field is very welcome.

It is  a flexible online course that participants can join in with at a pace and depth that suits them. We hope that the course will inspire educators to explore strategies to integrate tablets in a meaningful way. It offers guidance on:

how to use tablets to devise authentic and meaningful learning activities
how to embed tablets in genuine curriculum contexts
how to evaluate which educational apps might be appropriate for your learners

We would like participants to leave each session with a new idea to try out in practice and then share thier experiences on the Google+ community.  The idea is to take a few risks, try some new things, share our developing practice in teaching with tablets and learn together as we go.

Weekly overview:
Course opens – 8th February 2016
Week 1 – 29th February – Manipulating Media
Week 2 – 7th March – Visible Learning
Week 3 – 14th March – Technology Outdoors
Week 4 – 21st March – Digital Storytelling
Week 5  – 28th March – Talk and Collaboration

Here is a short link to the enrolment page: http://bit.ly/TWT16






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