Coming to the end.

This module, for me personally, has posed the greatest of challenges.  Prior to the course I was reluctant user of technology, I am not musical and didn’t feel confident about art.  However, I have managed to create my own blog, I have begun to introduce new technology into my teaching, I have explored art with children and I have begun to develop my teaching around music.

Although at this stage in my career I have not had a huge opportunity to teach either art, ICT or music I have begun to take the first steps.  I now see how art and music can be explored and enjoyed by all.  I appreciate the different ways art can be produced and I have begun to think about artist that inspire me and could do so for others.

I am also beginning to appreciate the benefits technology can bring and whilst what I have created may not be difficult for some it has been a challenge for me.  I have gained a great deal from this module but the main thing I will take away is to have confidence to explore and be creative with both ICT and all forms of media.

As I develop my own practice I hope to incorporate more of the ideas explored into my teaching.   We have been introduced to a huge range of ideas about how to combine ICT with the art, the outdoors and music.   I certainly hope to continue to learn and develop my own practice in all aspects covered in the course.

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