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Recently I have been lucky enough to take a trip to Barcelona.  I have been fortunate enough to have been to Barcelona on a number of occasions but this was the first trip for my husband.   It is impossible to take a trip to Barcelona without visiting the magical creations of Antoni Gaudi.

Gaudi was the lead figure in the Catalan modernism movement and his distinctive works can been seen all over Barcelona.    Gaudi was a skill craftsman, working with stained glass, ceramics, wood and wrought  iron.   He developed his unique style in and around Barcelona and his later years were devoted to his architectural creations notably La Sagrada Familia.  This amazing structure was Gaudis final project, working exclusively on this, until hid death in 1926.  This unfinished church is still being created to this day and attracts thousands of visitors each year.

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La Sagrada Familia

A few images from our visit to La Sagrada Familia.


DSC_0479.jpg  DSC_0482.jpg

Another amazing place to visit, when in Barcelona, in order to see Gaudi’s creation at their best is Park Guell.  At Park Guell, where Gaudi built his own home now a museum, you can experience the curves and mosaics that Gaudi was renowned for.





Gaudi was an inspirational artist whose work would be a fantastic to use as a provocation for an art project.  His work could be used to develop a range of different creations from mosaic works, sculptures and clay models.   I think his work provides endless inspiration and with exceptional detail that would inspire individual creations by children.

Barcelona is a fantastic city to visit for artistic inspiration.  Not only is there the masterpieces dotted around the city created by Gaudi but there are also work displayed from both Picasso and Miro with museums for both artists in the city.

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