Exploring texture in schools

On both placements I have undertaken I have had the opportunity of exploring texture further.

On my first placement I was on a paired placement with Tracy Bosworth and together we created a series of lesson where the children explored texture.  During the first lesson Tracy introduced a class of year one children. Then in the following lesson we explored texture both inside and outside the classroom.  Children used crayons to create rubbings of the variety of textures they found.  We then used their work to create a wonderful display in one of the communal areas of the school.

Here is the work they produced.

texture display










On my second placement I also explored texture but on this occasion with a nursery class. Instead of rubbings I chose to use print as a way of exploring the affect of texture.  I provided a range of objects for the children to use and only limited colours in order to encourage them to explore the different texture objects.

Here are some of the pieces they produced.






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