Programming for Bee Bots!

Today in ICT we began to think about the new National curriculum and links to programming.  We looked at different ideas about programming.  We talked about how we can create unplugged activities, activities away from the computer, but linked to programming.  Plugged in activities using various computer equipment, games, apps, bee bots and Lego.  We then considered how they link to the real world.


We were asked in pairs to think of an activity for each stage.


We thought of an unplugged activity that could either take place in  a PE lesson or outside on the playground with children.  The teacher or adult would design a map or course.  Then in pairs the children would instruct one another to move around the course from one point to another.  They would issue instructions such as move forward two paces then turn left.  They would then swop and the other child could have an opportunity to instruct.

Plugged in.

The unplugged activity would then lead onto children designing and drawing their own map.  They would then program Bee Bots to move around the map.  This simple activity could be an introduction to programming.     The video below shows the us using the Bee Bots and programming simple instructions.  We move from giving one direction at a time and then by the end of the video we are programming a set of instructions.


Links to real world activities.

The final activity was to make links to the real world.  The Bee Bots could link to the real world in many ways.  The activity we thought would link best to previous activities was for children to then draw, right or say a set of instructions from one place to another.  It could be; from home to school, from the classroom to the playground or between any two places that they chose.

We could also show them how this works in the real world with Satnavs giving a set of instructions from A to B.


Here another example of how Bee Bots can be used in the classroom.  In the video below we see children playing snacks and ladders using Bee Bots.  At the same time as practising their maths skills we can see an example of how ICT has been embedded.


Along with my children we have explored some other apps available and two of my children’s favourites have been doodle lite and buddy poke.

My eldest who does not draw has used the doodle lite to create his own picture and real enjoyed using this media.  Here is what he produced….






My youngest has also enjoyed spending time creating his own pictures….






The second app that my youngest has especially enjoyed using has been buddy poke.  It is an app where you develop you own avatar, choosing clothes, hair and character.  Once the avatar is created you can then use the app to make a film recording you own voice.    It is easily used as my six year old demonstrated and he really enjoyed exploring what he could do with avatars.

Here is one of his creations…







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