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This is my first ever blog! Our first lesson in Multi-sensory media on the PGCE and I have already learnt something new.  I never thought I would manage to even create a page so I feel quite proud of myself.  Multi-sensory media is a new module we are taking linked to ICT, art, outdoor learning and music.  Over the next few months my Early Years PGCE group will be learning about all these areas of media.  We will be learning how to teach them both in the early years and beyond.  Alongside both the outdoor learning, art and music we are going to be exploring how to embed ICT alongside all of these media.  We will learn how ICT to can be used to enhance the activities we teach in the other areas.  Also we will explore the implications of use of ICT media in the classroom and how it is playing an increasing role in the world around us.

Personally this module presents the greatest challenge because I have little up to date knowledge of current ICT.  Although I use some ICT, my knowledge and understanding are limited, so much of what we are going to learn about the media currently available will all be new to me.  I must admit I feel a little apprehensive about the mountain I feel I’m going to climb to being to grasp the range of ICT available to use and how I can being to use it to enhance my teaching.

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