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Digital Technology Across the Curriculum


Our fourth session was based on using digital technology across the curriculum. Since I started the course, there has been a huge emphasis on cross-curricula learning, and using this approach to aid children’s ability to relate and use skills across the board. This session has shown how we can use digital technology to support this approach, in addition to being use as an aid to deeper subject knowledge. Andrews shows how easy it is for children to develop and create their own stories, supporting their speaking and listening developing.

The new National Curriculum has delved deeper into computing, requiring children to now learn more skills and use them effectively. Using technology across the curriculum will really embed these skills. ‘Technology’ is seen as iPads, tablets, computers, cameras, beebots, digital microscopes, plus hundreds more!!

For me, this session has shown me how effective the internet can be in aiding children’s learning. I explored how children and teachers can use websites in order to develop high quality, inquiry based learning to develop children’s knowledge, understanding and skills. As Pappert shows below, children really need to learn by doing, having fun, and digital technology is becoming as important as the prime areas of the EYFS as time goes by, so much be a big focus in children’s daily routine at an educational setting.

This reference is quite significant for me; as soon as Helen showed it within Session4, I felt the whole quote reflected my ethos for teaching children in the Early Years. It encapsulates the learning children take when in a setting; I thought it was very inspirational!

For the rest of the session, we looked at a variety of websites and applications to support digital technology across the curriculum, I worked as a group and ideas were updated to the resource bank. My top three were:


Open the following link for an example of how this wesbite can support topic work (minibeasts), providing a huge range of high quality resources that are easily differentiated to support a wide variety of needs and abilities.


Pinterest is a website in which teachers can search through a range of pictures, categorized into subjects, which support the teaching and learning of children.

Purple Mash

I really enjoy using the website (probably because it is aimed at children). The adult plans for the topic, and can chose from a wide range of resources on the website. When I was looking at a Pirate Topic, I chose to write a poem about a Pirate; there was a video at the beginning to spark children’s ideas, then a range of pictures, fonts, and opportunities to create a lovely poem!

Here is a Popplet that Ben, Gemma and I created to show how digital technology can be used to support learning across the curriculum

Here is a post to the resource bank by Rachael, which shows a range of other resources that can be used to support thematic learning.

Have you found any other types of digital technology that supports teaching across the curriculum?


Stager, G. (2007) An Investigation of Constructionism in the Maine Youth Center [online] Available at: [04/11/13]

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