LoRa WIFI Bluetooth with 0.49inch OLED

Wireless Stick

*User manual and installation method for the environment: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1YPBhnd_4Sxf2BITQ9yRKy4cm7vtMB4Ss; ★ CP210x driver: http: //www.heltec.cn/download/CP210x/CP210x_VCP_Windows.zip; http: //www.heltec.cn/download/CP210x/Mac_OSX_VCP_Driver_10_6.zip; http: //www.heltec.cn /download/CP210x/Linux_2.6.x_VCP_Driver_Source.zip; ★ bug report: https: //github.com/Heltec-Aaron-Lee/WiFi_Kit_series/issues.

How to convert portrait to landscape video in Adobe Premiere

  1. To get into landscape mode, you need your frame to be into 1920×1080
  2. Right-click in the project area
  3. Select New Item 
  4. Select Sequence
  5. Go to the middle tab in the opened window and select Settings
  6. In Edit mode (first drop down), select Custom (at the top)
  7. Change the Frame size to 1920×1080
  8. Select OK
  9. You have created a new seequence with the right frame size. 
  10. Remove the old sequence and drage your video onto the new sequence
  11. Select Keep Existing Settings

Book Chapter: A Problem-Based Learning Technique to Improve Student Engagement in Multidisciplinary Groups in Higher Education

A Problem-Based Learning Technique to Improve Student Engagement in #Multidisciplinary Groups in #Higher #Education 



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Podcast: Physical Computing, AI, IoT and Industry 4.0

Had fun talking about Physical Computing📲💻🕹, AI💻👩‍🏫, IoT📱🏘 and Industry 4.0👩‍🔧🏗🖥 with colleagues from University of Northampton. An interesting discussion of the trending technologies and Research and Innovation in this podcast.

For full discussion, listen to the podcast🎙:

Student Testimonials on Teaching: Nominations for FAST lecturer of the Year 2019






  1. He has been of good help since I started studying. I moved from Belgium to study and since I came here with different language, Dr. Michael has helped me in all aspects of my studies and I am forever grateful. He takes his time to explain things. He even gave me personal info to message him anytime I need help which has been of great help.

  2. Very helpful in explaining things to do with the course.

  3. Outstanding level of teaching

  4. He’s a great guy

  5. Cool dude

  6. I enjoy the lectures and I like the style of teaching

  7. Great Lecturer

  8. “Michael has proven to be a very good lecturer as he has shown a lot of passion in the area which he is teaching. He is very helpful and makes a large attempt to make sure that everyone understands what he is teaching.”

  9. Good and very enthusiastic teacher

  10. He is very friendly to every single student.

  11. Shows off enthusiasm every lecture and provides plenty of examples within their own teaching. Assistance of the overall module has been pleasant. E.g. Relating the topic content to a real-life, everyday example to make it simpler to understand.

  12. Cool dude, a great lecturer

  13. I strongly believe that more than the results of its students, the success of a lecturer relies on the capability of the lecturer to arise the interest of the students in the module he teaches. If you asked me a couple of months ago, I would say that my interest in Computer Architecture is below average, but now due to the enthusiastic and passionate way of Dr. Michael in explaining this module, my interest has greatly increased. I therefore nominate him as an “Outstanding Lecturer of the Year”, due to the impact that the learning experience that I got from him had in changing “Computer Architecture” from my least favorite module to my recently favorite module.

  14. “Outstanding support and incredible attention to making the module as interesting as possible.

  15. Examples of that would be spending his own money on components to make the module interesting and engaging to every student, providing constant support with assembly and coding of the robot cars by making online tutorials and granting in-session support to anyone that needs it.”

  16. He is very good and he is trying his best with us to understand the module. He helps us even if we finished the lecture he stays with us until he make sure that we get and understand everything he give us.

  17. Consistent support in and out of the class

  18. During the first year of being at this university, I always felt as if i was falling behind and never seemed to quite click with the information taught to me during lectures. This resulted in my mind spiraling into a place of both discontent and self-doubt. The thought of dropping out 

  19. lingered in my thoughts as if a war was waging within my mind, and my will was on the losing side. However, on that fateful day. A single man emerged on the battle field and single handily repelled the army of negative emotions. That man, was Michael Opoku Agyeman. When asked how a single man can conquer an army on his lonesome, He turned, gave a slight chuckle and replied “I enjoy what I teach”. and with that he disappeared leaving behind nothing, but an Arduino RC car assembly kit and a few burnt LEDs.  Michael is honestly, the best lecturer i had the honor of  learning under. He clearly loves the subject he teaches as he always enters the classroom with enthusiasm and with the look of determination on his face to teach his students why he loves the subject. He is always friendly, easily approachable and willing to further explain a subject that leaves students puzzled. In addition to this, Micheal knows how to connect to students, always willing to have a joke whilst still retaining his professionalism during class. If  it wasn’t for his teaching style, I would have a hard time enjoying my course.

  20. Patient and outstanding for this course. He gave us feedback and help immediately and tried his best to help every students to understand the material. In addition,  the class becomes more active with his humorous teaching style. We can enjoy the free Pisa in his class.

  21. Good teaching and make the classes interesting every weeks. Made many tutorials online and in classes for students.

  22. Very nice teacher. his teaching style is very good as he will teach you everything you will need to know whilst maintaining a nice, friendly, funny personality/atmosphere. He also makes the module really easy to understand due to the way he explains it, plus he will frequently stop and ask if everyone gets what he is talking about which is nice because if people don’t understand, it gives them a chance to ask him about it and he will go back and explain it in another way that people will understand. Overall he is the best teacher at Northampton Uni hands down, no other lecturer even comes close and he really deserves the award.

  23. Just a nice lad

  24. He’s very supportive and encourages his students in all they do. He gives them hope and believes in them.

  25. “Michael is one of those teachers who makes classes not just enjoyable but he makes sure that we understand everything his extra knowledge in the subject helps us understand everything”

  26. Very supportive and make sure every student understands the lecture.

  27. He is a great teacher, his lectures are really enjoyable and fun, he makes things look so easy and understandable.

  28. I would like to nominate Prof Michael OPOKU AGYEMAN this is because he has been a great teacher through the module of computer system, he shown great passion of teaching and I really enjoy attending every class.

  29. “I would like to nominate MICHAEL because he’s a great teacher, he’s so friendly with all student and he is very helpful through teaching. I think he deserve this the award more than any others teachers. “

  30. Outstanding lecturer of the year

  31. He deserves it!

  32. Helpful and always willing to help.

  33. Outstanding assistance in lecturing and readiness to help

  34. He is a good teacher. Provides many resources on Nile and is a very enthusiastic individual with a clear passion for their subject area.

  35. Full of energy, supportive

  36. Over all good tutor, very helpful every week

  37. Good support and adviser

Book Published: Design an IoT Serious Games Based on a Wearable Device for Home Rehabilitation with Arduino and Raspberry Pi

🥳📚📖 Book published. Another milestone achieved with Ali Al-Mahmood, titled, 
🧐👩‍🎓👨‍🎓🤓 Design an IoT Serious Games Based on a Wearable Device for Home Rehabilitation with Arduino and Raspberry Pi 🧐👩‍🎓👨‍🎓🤓

ISBN: 978-620-0-29224-7

Stroke leads to intense physical disability in the human body, it causes some deficits due to the horrific events that resulted in wars and other problems in our world. Very often stroke survivors suffer from a permanent partial disability that restricts the movement of the hand, arm, and leg. We know that the rehabilitation should be at an earlier stage of the injury to recover the infected parts of the human body. The key success of the stroke recovery is the patient’s motivation, it would be a challenge to recover if the patient is not motivated and not practicing. This book, presents the design and implementation details of wearable device to help motivate stroke patients with upper and/or lower limb disabilities.


Book Published: A Sneak Peek into Arduino-Based Robot Car Projects Aimed at Disaster Management/Prevention

🥳📚📖 I am pleased to introduce my newly published Book with Igla Hoxha, titled,
A Sneak Peek into Arduino-Based Robot Car Projects
Aimed at Disaster Management/Prevention.
Well done, to all the valuable contributors to the chapters of this work: 🧐👩‍🎓👨‍🎓🤓Jonathan Kilday, Joel Roberts, Paul Munginga, Oluwadamilola Oke, Olakunle Labinjoh, Tchoungoua Nyamsi J, Dominik Cpak, Songtao Yang, Lewis Dillon, XueZhi Cao, Emmanuel Ndali Ngboko, Daniel Bucknor, Abdulla Aljaber and Maryam Ali Al-Khayyat🧐👩‍🎓👨‍🎓🤓 🥳📚💝.
ISBN: 978-613-9-84756-3

In the world of manufacturing, apart from computer systems, a new concept i.e. computer automation has arisen. This concept was originally conceived when computers started to automate things, based on the interaction with the outside world. The significant increase in the trend of automation has introduced Arduino. Having said that, Arduino is a platform that uses different inputs e.g. electronic sensors, lights, motors and other assorted gadgets, to get information from the real world and to make decisions based on that information. What Arduino builds is essentially a robot. Everyone that is interested in creating interactive environments, has the potential of doing so by using this revolutionary device. This book consists of some Arduino projects that are proposed by students. The aim of this book is to provide students with an insight of the projects that can be developed by using the Arduino platform and motivate them for further developments in the field.

2 Papers Published (Presented at IoTNAT 2019, Rome)

1- Michael Opoku Agyeman, Zainab Al-Waisi, Igla Hoxha:
Design and Implementation of an IoT-Based Energy Monitoring System for Managing Smart Homes. FMEC 2019: 253-258
2- Michael Opoku Agyeman, Ali Al-Mahmood:
Design and Implementation of a Wearable Device for Motivating Patients With Upper and/or Lower Limb Disability Via Gaming and Home Rehabilitation. FMEC 2019: 247-252

Had an amazing time with these wonderful minds at IoTNAT 2019 in Rome to share our recent contributions towards the future of Internet of Things (IoT) and to chair a session.

IoTNAT 2019: The Internet of Things (IoT) technology offers unprecedented opportunities to interconnect human beings as well as Machine-to-Machine (M2M), whereby sensors and networks allow all ‘things’ to communicate directly with each other to share vital information allowing us to have an instrumented universe where accurate data is readily available to inform optimal decision making. The IoT is about to enable a range of new capabilities and services far beyond today’s offerings. It will fundamentally change how people go about their lives. According to Gartner, the number of objects connected to the Internet is set to reach 20 billion by 2020. Cisco estimates the number will be close to 26 billion objects by 2020. Others believe the actual number will be even higher with the assumption that any object with a simple micro controller and on-off switch will be connected to the Internet in the near feature. The scale of the IoT is set to have a major economic, social and environmental impacts; the intersection of which forms the future sustainable growth.

Book Published: Design and Implementation of a Smart Health Monitoring System for Tracking Patients

🥳📚📖💝 I am pleased to introduce my newly published Book with Mirusha Jegatheeswaran on
Design and Implementation of a Smart Health Monitoring System for Tracking Patients. Well done, Mirusha for the hard work. 🥳📚📖💝.

Link: https://www.morebooks.de/…/design-an…/isbn/978-620-0-08194-0

Poor healthcare plays a huge role in the increasing death rates in LEDCs, from decrease in doctors to lack of medication and efficient medical equipment. This book presents the design end implementation of a smart health monitoring system aimed at reducing the health risks in developing countries. Specifically, reducing the number of outbursts related to diseases, and helping maintain health standards in Nainativu for the implemented system is used as a case study.

Microprocessor-Based Systems: Sample Student Demos