My Early Years Blog Goes World Wide!


Posted by Sarah | Posted in Children's Learning, Early Years, My interest | Posted on January 21, 2014

While I was updating my blog today I thought I would take a look at my mapping tool showing me where the different visitors to my blog have come from. I was so surprised to discover my blog has been visted by people in 33 different countries!

To me this suggests Early Years Education  and ICT must be a topic of discussion all over the world, as we all want the best educational start for our children no matter where we are. Hopefully people are finding my blog interesting or informative and are finding some of my thoughts about ICT use in the Early Years interesting. It would be great to get some thoughts from around the world on ICT use in the Early Years, so if you could leave any comments on your own experiences or ideas for using ICT in teaching that would be fantastic!