Welcome to my ICT Early Years blog!


Posted by Sarah | Posted in Directed Tasks, Early Years | Posted on February 1, 2013

I’ve just had my first ICT Early Years lesson and created my first ever blog! Felt quite nervous about doing it is as I didn’t really understand exactly what I was doing, but I’m feeling quite proud of myself that I have been successful!

I’m going to use my blog to record my thoughts and experiences of learning about the use of ICT in Early Years and to reflect upon my own learning.

I feel pretty confident using ICT in teaching, and feel fairly capable of most things once I’ve been shown how to use the different softwares. I know I have one or two things I would like to improve my knowledge in, mainly because it is either technology or software I have had little experience with. Its been really interesting looking at all the different ways in which ICT is used during the Early Years, and it’s been great to share ideas amongst the rest of the Early Years group. Everybody has some really fantastic ideas for things they might do. Think I might be borrowing a few!

It’s pretty amazing to see how much young children use ICT and shows how very different it is now to when I was growing up. Computers were a special treat if we were allowed to use one of the three we had in the whole primary school, whereas now it is a large part of children’s learning. I can see the benefits but I can also see the negatives. Yes they help children learn and offer a wide range of resources, but they could also prevent children from developing skillls such as hand written work or drawing.

I am looking forward to discovering more ways to use ICT with children in the Early Years, and also in developing my knowledge and competency further.

Mind Map of ICT ideas in Early Years.