ICT Software in Early Years.


Posted by Sarah | Posted in Directed Tasks, Early Years | Posted on February 8, 2013

 The topic of today’s ICT session was around the use of different software that is often used withing schools and Early Years. We were introduced to a great video clip showing how PowerPoint presentations are often overused. It really made me think that although this is a very valuable resource we can use, it can also be very ineffective if not done in an engaging manner or relied upon too frequently.

During the session we were asked to create our own PowerPoint which we could use as a resource to educate children about the Arctic. This was a great opportunity for me to improve my knowledge and understanding of this software package, as PowerPoint is not a resource I have particularly used in the past and I had little knowledge of exactly how it worked. Thanks to some excellent guidance from fellow student Drew, I managed to get the hang of what I was doing and learnt how to add each of the features we were asked to add by the tutor. We even got as far as adding my interpretation of a Polar Bear growl!

It was great to see how I will be able to use power point in the future to support the children’s learning and as a visual aid, but I can also see how I could also become too reliant on it causing the dreaded death by PowerPoint!

I really enjoyed the ICT session today, and feel my knowledge has definitely improved again. I didn’t even worry about writing this blog post which is a major improvement from last week! Now I’m off to have another experiment with PowerPoint to create my own Arctic themed presentation that I can share on my blog!


Awesome Arctic!