Placement Begins!


Posted by Sarah | Posted in Children's Learning, placement | Posted on February 20, 2014

I’ve now gone into my next teaching placement and I’m in a reception class. There is an interactive whiteboard on the wall in the carpet atrea, and two computers at a work area. The school also has a computer suite but I have yet to visit this or see it in use with my class. I’ve seen the teacher use the interactive whiteboard for teaching, and it was only used to take the register in the morning. It would be really great to see how the teacher uses this to incorporate ICT  into the learning, and hopefully gain some more ideas on ways to use it.  The computers within the classroom were not accessed during my first two days, and again I would love to see how the teacher allows access to these, and the types of learning that they are used for. I would like to see whether they are used to access learning based programs, or if children just access them to draw for example. I did see an Ipad being used within the classroom. The children accessed it in pairs with the teachers permission and were mainly using a drawing app. I would really like the oppportunity to see what apps the teacher uses with the children when they access the Ipad. The teacher did use an app which allowed her to access the camera and fly a pterodactyl across the screen. This then landed on a child on the screen and the teacher chose that particular child to put on their coat for playtime. The children really liked this app, and the teacher explained it was great for allowing her to choose children in a random order. This is something I would definately consider using within the classroom. I still have five weeks on my placement and really hope to get the opportunity to include ICT within my teaching and also see it more used within the classroom.