They think it’s all over, it is now!


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This will be my last post before submitting this assignment.

I’m going to miss ICT! When I first started this module I was initially a little apprehensive. It’s been a long time since I left school, and many of the programmes, devices and software just did not exist when I was in school. For those colleagues who more recently left school some of the programmes discussed they had used frequently and had more experience of. It was really great to be able to learn not only from our tutor Ellie, but also from fellow students.

Since starting the ICT module I feel my confidence has definitely increased and I am more aware of the technologies out there. I have learnt about Tumblr, more about Twitter, using Bee bots, gaming, power point, the list goes on!




I can’t wait to get out on my next placement and into the classroom to try out some of the new ideas I have for using ICT with children. I am also really excited about blogging itself! I have been inspired to create a blog of my next placement to record my experiences so I can hopefully share them with others!

Using Blogs To Support Boys Learning


Posted by Sarah | Posted in Children's Learning | Posted on March 28, 2013

I read a very interesting article in between session which suggested getting boys to write blogs could enhance their literacy and writing skills. Many boys enjoy using ICT and may find it more stimulating to use a computer to create a written piece of work, rather than writing with pen and paper. It may keep them more engaged and on task if they have an enjoyment of ICT.
It also suggests blogging is a great way for children to interact with other pupils from around the world. David Mitchell the author of the article explains how his year 6 class have been blogging for a while and have received numerous hits from many different countries. For a child I can only imagine how exciting to think that a child on the other side of the world has read what you have written and left you a comment.

Although this obviously takes some work in setting up a blog and getting yourself an audience it would appear there are many benefits to be had. Children need to be shown how to firstly write and present their blog, but also how to leave feedback in a manner that will not cause harm or offence. As suggested by David Mitchell, this could be done over a few lessons before the children are unleashed on the world wide web.

Not only does writing the blog posts allow the children to practise grammar, spelling and writing creatively, it would also allow them the opportunity to use other types of media for example video or photographs to share their work with their audience.

I think writing a blog would be fantastic for girls and those reluctant to pick up a pencil, but I believe for boys this may be an even more beneficial activity and learning opportunity.

Death by Power Point?


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It is often suggested that too much learning that takes place is done through Power Point. It’s a case of sit down, look at this and learn. It’s repetitive, unengaging in many cases and really boring if used all the time. Yes Power Point is a great resource for learning. It can be a good way to display pictures, information or work in a visual way, but this isn’t the only way to do these things.

Many adults find Power Point overused and dull, yet often children are expected to use it as a learning tool frequently in the classroom. With this in mind I thought I would post a funny video to my blog to share the thoughts about death by Power Point.