First Hand Experience of ICT Engaging Learners!


Posted by Sarah | Posted in Children's Learning | Posted on January 21, 2014

In my previous post I mentioned how my reluctant son had used ICT to complete his homework and I thought I would share the results. The challenge was to be a poetry detective. The children were asked to look around their homes to find any words that rhyme, then present their findings to the class. My son decided that rather than just write a list and read them out, he would use the borrowed Ipad to photograph the items and things in our home that rhymed. He would then put these pictures onto a powerpoint presentation to share with his class. Sounded simple enough, but when you confess to being an Ipad novice, and Powerpoint isn’t your thing its a challenge! I decided to let my son take the lead as he was very enagaged and excited by what he was planning to do, and in no time at all we had our photographs and they had been sent to the laptop. Powerpoint presentation construction commenced and in around half an hour we were done! It was great to see first hand how ICT inspired a child to complete a piece of work that they didnt want to particularly do, and it was also great to get some tips on how to do these things. I was so inspired by the enthusiasm and positive benefits of ICT, I went out and purchased my own Ipad that I intend to use for my own benefit and that of my children and those I teach. Its already had so much usage and is already packed with recommended apps to use with children in the Early Years! I’ll write a post and talk about a few of the great apps a bit later.

To view the powerpoint presentation completed, please click this link. Literacy homework