Becoming an animator!


Posted by Sarah | Posted in Children's Learning, Directed Tasks, Early Years, Uncategorized | Posted on February 15, 2013

The session today was all about creating animations using ICT. This was an area I have absolutely no experience in, and expected to find it quite a difficult subject with the different technologies and software’s. However, the session was amazing! It really opened my eyes even further to the endless possibilities of using ICT in the Early Years.

Using a free downloadable software called Monkey Jam, in a small group we were able to create our own short animation using stop frame filming. This is the technique of using a camera to catch individual stills which are then played in a sequence creating a film. One of the most difficult aspects of the filming process was remembering not to move your props too far in one go so that the film doesn’t appear jumpy. Some of us found keeping our hands out of shot pretty tricky too!

Monkey Jam was a fantastic piece of software to experience using, and can see a whole number of possibilities for its uses in the early years setting. The software and equipment was very simple to use and this could be easily used with even the youngest members of the class with adult support, to allow the children to create their own animations. This activity would allow for the children to be creative and use their imaginations in a fun and engaging manner. It is an activity that every child regardless of ability could engage in. It could be used to support a child with EAL in the learning of English for example.

The animations could fit into many areas of the early years curriculum and a lesson involving animation could be very cross curricular. There would also be the opportunity time permitting for the teacher to produce a small film clip to support children’s learning in the classroom.

The session was extremely interesting and very good fun, and I enjoyed it so much I even had a go at home with my own children. This was a fantastic opportunity to observe how children may use the software and hardware, and both children appeared to highly enjoy creating their own video. I can’t wait to get into the classroom and give it a go there as well!