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Posted by Sarah | Posted in Art, Children's Learning, Early Years, ICT outdoors | Posted on February 20, 2014

ICT can be linked with so many different curriculum areas. We recently used ICT to link with outdoor art within the forest school. It was amazing! We were introduced to some artists in the first part of the lecture who create large art pieces outdoors, often using only natural resources. We looked at pictures and discussed our likes and dislikes and thought about how we could recreate some of these art pieces or create our own with children outside of the classroom. We were introduced to Richard Shilling and Andy Goldsworthy and were told to find some images of their work on the ipads. We were then told to collect any resources we may wish to use from the classroom and we went to the forest school still armed with the ipads. We were instructed to create our own outdoor art installation using either the artists works and ideas to guide us, or to create a completely original piece. We chose to use a piece by the artist Richard Shilling as pour inspiration and cfeate our own version of this. It was great to have the iPad to refer to when looking at the picture the artist had created. The iPad was also used to document the stages of our creation by using photographs. This is a great way children can keep record of how they created their art piece, and they could then use these pictures to share the process with others. It would also allow the teacher to documnet the learning and creatiomn processes that took place.

These are pictures which documented the creation process our group went through in creating our art piece.

photo (8)    photo (5) photo (3) 





The iPads were then used to take photographs of the finished art pieces that everybody had created. This is obviously importnt as the art was left to nature and this is a permanent record of the work the children can keep.

This is the piece we used on the ipad as our inspiration alongside our finished product. We were extremely pleased with the result!



It was really great to use ICT for this activity. The children could further use ICT in this learning by recording rhemselves talking about their creative processes or creating a powerpoint to share their work. The whole creative process could also be videoed by the children. Its really good to have the opportunity to combine ICT and other subjects in this way, and it helps you to understand the positives of linking the two subjects together further.