Learning Across the Curriculum Using ICT


Posted by Sarah | Posted in Children's Learning, Early Years, National Curriculum | Posted on November 3, 2014

ICT is being used more frequently across the curriculum. ICT can help stimulate any subject by being used as a starter for example maybe with a video to introduce a topice or a theme. ICT also lends itself to being used as a research tool to support the learning. Children may use iPads or computers to access infotmation on the internet to support their learning in a particular subject. ICT can also be used to create the pieces of work that children produce. Children could create pieces of art or music on a ipad, they could produce a piece of literacy on a computer or they may use pieces of technology in science as part of an experiment.

Geography is a foundation subject that lends itself very well to using ICT. Children can use Google maps for example to look at their local community, before maybe going out for a community walk and then creating their own maps.

Green screening in History would be a great way to bring the history to life. Children could be given the opportunity to record themselves using this technology standing in scenarios or locations linked to historical topics that they are learning about. This could make the learning itself more engaging to the child and could also make it appear more real. Children could interview historical figures or maybe create news reports for events that have happened in history.


There are lots of apps and software that are available to help with cross curricular learning using ICT. These apps could be used to record the children’s work, maybe for an observaation or to allow the children to share their work with the rest of the class later. Apps such as Shadowpuppet ed or Puppet Pals could be used to support literacy learning as children can retall their own stories. Cross curricular learning using ICT can also be done on a larger scale. Smartboard technology or websites such as Purple Mash or Education City can be used for whole class learning. These websites could be used to introduce a whole class to a theme or topic. These activities could then be left on so that children can access them on the whitebaord throughout the session to further support their learning.  Using a whiteboard can help to get a whole class involved in the learning and it could make the children more engaged. I watched a video where a teacher explained how he used the whiteboard to engage his children in a Geography lesson. The teacher explains how children can have a go, see the maps moving and how it brings the learning to life. This is definately an interesting idea that I would consider using in my teaching.

QR codes is something that what completely new to me. I had seen QR codes, I had scanned them occasionally myself but I had never considered how they could be used within the classroom. I thought this would be quite a difficult and complex task to complete but was genuinely surprised at its ease. I can see how children would really enjoy using these codes within the classroom too investigate and complete learning in adifferemt way.

  This image sums up very well exactly what I thought about QR codes prior to this session. I did some further reseravch and reading following the lesson about how to create them and came across a video showing children using them in a lesson. It was great to see how excited the children were about hunting for the codes and seeing what the code would bring up on their iPads. This video also demonstrates how even children in the foundation stage can use basic QR codes to extend their learning using technology. The idea that each one has a different job I think is a really nice theme and is something I would consider using within my classroom.

From my own experience, I have seen how much the children like to access these activities.  I have seen children engage with a topic that they may not have previously shown as much interest in. It is a way of suppporting all the learning styles in the classroom, and unlike writing answers children can easily erase any mistakes without the feeling that they are ruining their work. There is an argument that sometimes ICT can be used too frequently and can take away practise of traditional skills such as writing and drawing, but I think using ICT to support learning in all areas of the curriculum definately has its advantages. It can make the learning more inclusive and also more enagaging, but I hold the belief that ICT should enhance not replace.

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