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There has been a huge increase in the number of apps and web based programmes designed to support learning both inside and outside of the classrrom. Today in our ICT lecture we took a quick toour through some of these apps and webbased programmes to discuss how they could be used and where they link to with regards to supporting children.

Having two primary aged children of my own, I have seen the increase in the amount of web based and app based learning that takes place in schools. Both of my children have recently been issued with access to a website called Reading Eggs designed to help children develop further their reading skills. This website uses games , songs, puzzles and activities to encourage children to read. My children do not access this website very frequently, but when they do they really enjoy the learning and can spend large amounts of time completing activities. Children can earn golden egg rewrads every time they complete a challenge which allows them to open up more activities.

To watch a short video about Reading Eggs, please click the link.


Another app and web based learning tool I have become more familiar with recently is Mathletics. Again my children have been issued with a login via their school. Mathletics allows children to complete learning tasks and then test themselves on various areas of learning in maths. The learning tests get progressively more difficult as the child moves through the learning. The children earn points as they progress through the challenges and this can be used to purchase items to adapt their profile avatar. These poi ts can also be collected and stored and when a set total is achieved, the child can print off a certificate of their achievements. Mathletics also allows children to take part in global challenges, and their is also a global score board that they can feature on if they earn enough points. This app has been particularly good for supporting my eldest sons maths development, and he will frequently access this app. As a aprent I have enjoyed using this app with him and I really like the way the app looks and fuctions. To find out more about Mathletics, click on the picture below.


We were introduced to apps and web based programmes that can help teaching staff create a digital learning journey for their pupils. These apps and programmes may be used intstead of the tradiotonal written versions to create an end of Foundation Stage profile for example. This is something I have never had the exeprience of using, but having spoken to teachers who have used them they would appear fairly popular. Any member of staff can access them and they are often considered quicker and easier to use as there is no loose papers to be stuck into books and they can contain video clips to show the childs progress.



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Having been part of a trial that was carried out for Mathletics on placement, it was interesting to see how children who were reluctant to engage in maths were much more interested when we started using this. I also like how the pages can be differentiated for each child, teachers can group the children and while they are all using Mathletics, some can be doing the same activities but at a easier/harder level.

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