Storytelling in ICT part 2


Posted by Sarah | Posted in Children's Learning, Early Years, Story Telling | Posted on October 6, 2014

Today we are going to share our story telling creations with the rest of the class. I am really pleased with the finished product I have created. I managed to combine media from three different apps on my iPad to produce my finished product. I started by creating an avatar on Tellagami which I used to create an introduction to an imaginary lesson using ICT to tell stories. I then used an app called Puppet Edu to import photographs I had taken of the actual book to then turn it into a digital book. I really liked using the Puppet Edu app. It was simple to use and you were able to use your own photographs or pictures and backgrounds that were already stored on the app. To combine these two apps to create one story, I imported both individual pieces into iMovie. This allows the introduction to the lesson and the story to follow on from each other. To view the two alternative finished pieces please click on the links below.

This is the original version made on Shadow Puppet Edu.


I really enjoyed creating these resources. I think it would be a lovely idea to give children the opportunity to create their own digital books using ICT. The Shadow Puppet app was a really simple and easy app to use and I can definately see how this could be used within an Early Years setting as well as in later Key Stages. I really liked how you could choose the kinds of pictures you added to the story, and this would allow lots of flexibility to give children the choice to create their own pictures using photography or art work, or use backgrounds and pictures already stored on the app. I thought it was a really nice feature that you could also add text to the story. This will allow children to practise communication through speech if they record their story, but also to practise literacy skills to add the written text. This is an app I would like to try to use with children on my next placement if the opportunity arises. Tellagami was an interesting app to use and I could see how this could be used to introduce a lesson or a new theme to a class. I think the idea of using a Tellagami avatar to conduct interviews or pose questions to the children would be quite exciting to try. The only thing that lets this app down is that the editing choices are very limited unless you purchase upgrades to the app. There are only a few backgrounds to choose, and only a few options that can be selected to change the appearance of your avatar. However, if you are happy to purchase upgrades the options become much wider.

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I really liked the resources you made. I especially like that you recorded yourself reading the story and put it onto the video. This can then be accessed by children independently during free-flow, especially good for those that aren’t as likely to pick up a book. I didn’t get a chance to use shadow puppets but it sounds like it’s a good app to use. I did use tellegami but I agree that the editing is limited.

I thought your resource was fantastic! I really liked how you used your own voice to record the story. And I liked how you made such a simple story really come to life. I would definitely consider using your resource in the classroom, or making a similar resource myself.
I agree that it would be lovely for children to make their own digital books!

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