Blogging in schools?


Posted by Sarah | Posted in Uncategorized | Posted on February 20, 2014

Many schools have now started blogging from the classroom. This allows parents and carers to keep updated on special events, learning that is taking place or any other special news the class wishes to share with parents. From a parents perspective this is great! My child in year 4 had recently taken to blogging and enthusiastically comes home from school asking to post a comment about his day on the blog. The class teacher also poses questions on the blog at the end of the day for the children to answer, and I can see how this could be used as an assessment tool to evaluate the level of understanding about the days learning. So far I have been able to see pictures and learn about the football trainig the class recieved in PE, learnt all about their homework projects and got to find out how the trip to Cadbury’s World went! All comments are moderated by the teacher to ensure they are appropriate, and parents are able to comment too. It was nice to provide the entire class with some feedabck after looking at the pictures of the homework projects.


A negative to the blogging however could be some parents may not have the time or the facilitites to access the class blog, meaning they are missing out on opportunitites to see what the children are doing. The majority of families do have access to the internet, but there are some who don’t or who may feel excluded because they are not computer literate. Confidentiality may also be an issue as some blogs are not private.

After speaking with the class teacher about the class blog, she suggested that it is only some children who access and comment upon it frequently and not the entire class. She also explained conversations can occasionally occur in the comments which go completely off track from the original post. The blogs are something that are currently being developed further in the school and all classes are yet to have them up and running properly, but I do think they are a fantastic way to communicate with parents.

To take a look at my sons class blog, and get a feel for how they can support learning and involve parents click on the link below

My sons year 4 class blog

Blogging is something I will definately consider using within my class. I will think about making it accesible to all parents and maybe look at holding a session every so often after school for parents who have no internet access to take a look. Obviously this will be time providing! I think if used well and kept up to date it can be a very valuable resource for sharing with families their childs progress and achievements.



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