Computer Masters to Teach the Teachers


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After my previous blog post, I found a recent article about how the Government will employ Computer Masters to teach the teachers in preparation for the delivery of Computing lessons in primary schools and Computer Science in secondary schools. The article doesn’t really explain exactly how the teachers will be taught about computer programming, but it does allay some fears I have about teaching this in the new curriculum. I would still be interested in hearing the views of other trainee teachers or teachers about how they feel about teaching this new subject. Is it really going to be much different from how we use and teach ICT in schools now? Or is it just the name and the language the curriculum is written in that makes it more scary? To read the article, click on the image above.

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I definitely agree that the article picks up on some insecurities I have in my own ICT knowledge. However i feel this may be because we were never taught this way and are unsure of the outcomes of the new curriculum. I do think that we may be over complicating things and that it could be as simple as teaching the children the language of the computer and its different components e.g. software and hardware, although I’m not sure that at the age of 5 this is relevant to children.

I completely agree Alyson, having never been taught ICT that way myself, I am worried that my own knowledge of the subject will hinder me when teaching. However, not having a good idea of what the new subject actually includes yet, it is difficult to know how deep an understanding we will need, especially within the Foundation Stage. This is really interesting Sarah!

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