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Posted by Sarah | Posted in Children's Learning, Early Years | Posted on March 17, 2013

We often talk as teachers about a hook into the lesson for the children. That ‘wow’ moment that captures their imagination and fires their interest in a topic. A video is a great way to bring a subject to life for children and a great way to grab the attention of the children at the beginning of the lesson.

There are many websites with videos that can be used to educate children about a theme or topic. Probably the most well known video streaming site is YouTube, however due to the high security settings in  many schools teachers are not always able to access this resource. The BBC have some fantastic resources available on their various websites for example the Bytesize learning sites. These cover a huge variety of subjects and learning for all ages.

But, why not create a video yourself to create that ‘wow’ moment? Why not join with other teaching staff to create a short clip to introduce a theme to your children, to tell a story or bring a subject to life.  This can be fun for both the teaching staff and the children and can be a great way to assist the learning of EAL children or children who have a preference for visual learning. We recently created a short video as a hook into a presentation and received a good response from our audience as we had immediately caught the audiences attention. This demonstrated to me how a similar principle could be used with children.

Making a video with the children in the class can also be a great learning tool, as well as a way of creating a record of assessment. Children could retell a story, record themselves during an activity and have a go at creating a video around their theme of learning. It could be a fun way of the children demonstrating to their peers their ideas or what they have learnt. Videos do not have to be really technical or well edited for the children to enjoy them especially if they have produced them themselves. Many children may not have had the opportunity to use a video camera and may really enjoy using this form of ICT. With careful guidance of the teaching staff children can become film makers and could produce a cinema style session for parents to come into school to see what heir children have been learning.

There are many ways in which videos either on websites or that the teaching staff and children produce themselves can be used to bring ICT learning into the classroom to support children’s learning.

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Hi Sarah, this is such a good idea! I agree that every lesson needs a hook and actively getting involved in the video is a lovely personal touch. I will bare this in mind for my future placements!

Thank you Drew. I am pleased I have been able to give you another idea for using ICT in the classroom.

This is a great video and made your science presentation stand out, which just goes to show videos really can make lessons more memorable and enjoyable. I agree that this would be great as a hook into a topic. Great post and great idea!

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