So long, farewell: Final reflection

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Well, our ICT sessions for Year 2 have now come to and end. So, what did I learn?

During these three sessions I have broadened my knowledge and secured my understanding on how we can use a range of ICT experiences within varied contexts in the Primary and Early Years classroom. I feel much more confident in using various computer software such as Windows Movie Maker, which before this year I hadn’t used before. I know this will greatly benefit me in my teaching career, as I plan to create, show and use videos as a ‘hook’ into children’s learning within introducing topics or providing session starters. Along with this, these sessions have enabled me to explore a wide range of APPs on the iPad, which again I had never really used before. I particularly like the ‘Paint APP’, which encourages young children to practice their fine motor skills – through drawing pictures and practising mark making and hand writing. I feel this is an engaging way to encourage children to learn through fun, interactive experiences.

One of my most enjoyable experiences during ICT this year was creating our book trailer (which can be viewed in one of my previous posts – Session Two). I worked with just one other partner, which we thought would have been difficult, as we predicted we would have twice as much work, but in fact I feel it has given me more experience in using the various different tools and skills that go into creating and presenting the task. As well as this, I feel working closely in partnership with one other enabled me to build on my communication skills along with improving my confidence and self-esteem, ready for our presentation. 

I have also found the background reading on ICT rather interesting. Within some of my previous posts I have explored different view points of how we can use ICT within the classroom – focussing on the benefits and the challenges (see posts on ‘the digital age’ , ‘killing creativity’ , ‘Technology in the early years’ and ‘ICT’s place in the Curriculum’.) This has made me think deeply about how I feel ICT needs to be appropriately incorporated into the curriculum, to enhance learning rather than take over learning.


What happens next?

When reflecting on what I had learnt and thinking about the areas of ICT that I need to work, I thought about how to present this in an informative yet useful way. I then came across Helen Caldwell’s Blog –  Helen on ICT which demonstrated a range of ideas in presenting ideas in various ways such as mind mapping and brain storming. I particularly like Popplet – an interactive site that allows you to create a mind map, personalise it and share it with others. I found Popplet simple and easy to use, and to make it even more appealing – it is FREE!  

Why not take a look at the Popplet I have made? It particularly focuses on my learning within these past few sessions, and identifies what I need to do next to expand my knowledge and understanding further..



To make your own Popplet, just click here and visit the Popplet site !!


Overall, I feel these sessions have been a great help both personally and professionally as I have gained a range of experiences and broadened my knowledge on the types of ICT technologies that can be incorporated into the classroom curriculum, along with discovering knew ways to share ideas and thoughts online – such as blogging! Looking ahead, I notice that in Year 3 our ICT sessions focus on Computer Science. This is something I have no experience of and therefore I am looking forward to learning about it, in preparation to starting my teaching career in 2014…Exciting times!



  1.    Charlotte said,

    17/04/2013 at 2:37 pm

    I really like your Popplet Rosie. It is a really easy way of seeing what you already know and where you would like to enhance your learning. I think this is a good way of enabling yourself to see the areas you need to focus on more! It looks like your knowledge of ICT and media is really good especially after these sessions!


    •    Rosie said,

      17/04/2013 at 2:51 pm

      Thank you Lottie. I enjoyed making my Popplet, was quite simple too – I recommend it!
      Yes I do believe these sessions have really broadened my knowledge and skills of ICT and how to use it within the classroom.
      I have to say, making our book trailer was my favourite part of the three sessions!
      What factors did you enjoy the most 🙂 ?


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