Great cause for celebration


A few weeks ago I mentioned the sense of excitement when our first cohort of MA students in Bangalore submitted their dissertations. Yesterday the examination board met at the university to consider the reports of the external examiners regarding this work and its quality. It was gratifying to hear these reports and to receive confirmation that the standard of the research studies submitted was high. The examination board was more than satisfied to approve the award of the MA in Special and Inclusive Education to our excellent students.

Having announced these results to the students we have been receiving excited messages from our latest master’s successes all day as they have been taking in the news, and hopefully basking in their glory. For all of them this has been a long hard road and their achievements have been well earned.

For the course tutors this is a most satisfactory time and an opportunity to think about everything we have learned together. It is also a time to reflect on what might happen next. I have no doubt that the students with whom we have had the privilege to work will make a significant impact upon the lives of their colleagues and the children with whom they work. Their commitment throughout the course has been immense and their determination to apply their learning is a tribute to their professionalism. Already they are telling us of the work they are doing in their schools based on ideas shared during the taught sessions. I look forward to maintaining contact with these colleagues in the future and to seeing the ways in which they take the inclusion agenda forward in Bangalore. They are already establishing themselves as leaders for inclusive education in the area.

Words can hardly do justice to these excellent individuals who are already inspiring the students in our other Bangalore cohorts, so I think it best simply to give a collage of pictures that represent some of their activities throughout their time of study for the MA in Special and Inclusive Education.

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