Modern Times?

So, they said, you want to enter a new era? You feel the need to bring yourself up to date; to find new ways of communicating with a wider audience. We have just what you need. Such was the conversation that led me here. Who, I asked would be interested in what I have to say? This question still troubles me and I am yet to be convinced. But still, I’m willing to give it a go and so begins  my “Bangalore Blog” (that does have a certain resonance at least).

Here then is the plan. Each day of my forthcoming visit to Bangalore to teach on the MA in Special and Inclusive Education programme, to meet with teachers, students and friends I will write an account of the day. I will take the advice of those who assure me that this is the media through which I might combine a discussion of the activities of the day, with thoughts and debates around matters educational, or those wider concerns that affect teachers in India and beyond.

If you happen to stumble on my ramblings and feel inclined to join the conversation I will be glad to know that you are “out there”. Do feel free to join me in this new journey. The dialogue will commence on January 16th 2014 and will be concluded on January 27th. After this, who knows? Maybe I will find that I have been shouting into the dark, in which case I will gracefully retire from the page. Perhaps there will be new learning along the way and then maybe I will persist. For now, let’s just see how it goes.