I have begun to create a story using Story bird. It is an E book that you can create for free online.



The best dreams ever! (A link to the resource)


It is a great site that is easy to use and navigate around! Teacher or child could use this site with ease!

This is the start of a story all about Jemima and her pet dog Skippy. It starts to discuss their friendship and how they love bedtime because thats when they have ‘The best dreams ever’. However this is where I have ended the story because I think it would be a great tool to encourage children to make a plan and continue the story.

The reason for doing this is because some children really struggle with starting their stories and having something in front of them can inspire many to continue the story and they get excited by it.

Because this tool is so easy to use you could use it for lots of different things in school whether it be an introduction to a topic or during story writing or poetry. Children could create a whole ebook for themselves which is great as they don’t have to spend ages concentrating on pictures to go with it.

I hope this has helped give some ideas to you

Charlotte 🙂

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