RE Website Reviews

RE Website Reviews

As part of our directed task from the last session we were asked to select 2 websites on the internet for review in the context of teaching and learning in Religious Education.

The first website I will be reviewing is RE: Online. I reviewed this website last year in my blog and feel I need to give it a mention again this year. This website is packed full of subject knowledge covering core areas relating all the six faith groups. I regularly refer to this website when need to update or refresh my subject knowledge on a particular religion. Personally, I think this website should definitely be an essential part of a teachers CPD toolkit!

The second website I will be reviewing is called Articles of Faith.  Articles of Faith is a one stop shop for all the educational resources you need to teach Religious Education to foundation stage, key stage 1 and 2. The website offers genuine religious artefacts sourced from all over the world, to books, CDs, DVDs and more. Personally, this really is a one-stop shop for teaching about the six major world faiths and beyond!

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