Hi guys just a quick little update on an app I saw used on placement and thought was really useful!

Its called Showbie, it basically avoids any of the time consuming mishap of transferring each individual piece of work from the Ipads to an appropriate place for the teacher. Usually I have seen teachers try and get the children to email them their final product to here but this usually have MAJOR complications!.

However, Showbie is a little bit like nile and has an online teachers account where you set an assignment and an appropriate due date/time. The children then create (in the school I was at they were very familiar with the log in to this app) a log in an submit their work to the teachers assignment! It could be done from every app that I saw used on placement (book creator/pic-collage, green screen).

If was so fuss free and took no more than five minutes at then end of the lesson!

The teacher then had all their work in one place, she was able to print and edit straight from the app.

Anyways, its free and very useful so share away, have a go at using it and let me know how it goes!!

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