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When I was on placement my school had a meeting with Purple Mash as to whether to join their service and how it could help them teach, one of the main areas of focus was teaching Year 5/6 coding through Purple Mash. But the idea that myself and my mentors were focusing upon, based upon a subject that we were currently teaching was the English templates that you could use for writing. The school were allocated a months trial with Purple Mash and I was able to teach the class report writing through one of these templates below. Our reports where based on the Ice Age and an incident that could of happened to them during the ice age, so I picked the template which was quite similar called Snow Sticks News Story. It was a really good tool that children could use either online or having printed it off. Online at the the side of the page, their was a drop down menu of key learning objectives that the children had to include which was very good, as well as key words/phrases that are used in reports to guide them when writing.  

Subject: English

Key Stage: Lower KS2 

Title: Purple Mash

Idea: Report Writing Template 

Key Questions: What needs to be included in a Report? How to use your template?

Skills: Follow purple mash instructions/ knowing how a basic report is set out?

Activities: Creating their own report

Taking it Further: Next time they come to write a report, they know the style and layout so could begin by creating their own template from scratch. 

Useful Links: https://www.purplemash.com/#/themes/literacy/reportwriting

Contributor: Purple Mash at placement 


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