Little Story Creator

‘Little Story Creator’ is one of my favourite apps, during my 2a placement the children were looking at the story of ‘The Hunchback of Notre Dame’ – towards the end of this topic the children were told to create an alternative ending to the story. I felt that this was a good opportunity to involve iPads and apps into their learning, the children used Little Story Creator to recreate the story in images/with few words. This helped them to engage more with the story and understand the sequencing of the story. This activity helped the lower ability children and I would definitely recommend using this app to anyone who hasn’t given it a go.

This app provided the children with the opportunity to use different images and to write about each section of the story. Unfortunately the app only lets you email your story and from the email it takes you to their website, however, the children’s stories can be saved onto the app to  refer back to during the lesson and they are a useful AFL/assessment tool for the teacher to check there understanding.

Below are a few examples of the slides I made as part of the Christmas story project in RE – as you can see you can write captions, draw onto the images, change the back drops, the image size and the order of the story. It is vey simple to use and the final result is very effective! I definitely recommend it!

If anyone tries it please comment and let me know how you got on!!

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