We are currently living in a world that has never ending reams of technology, and this will not be changing any time soon. As teachers we need to be able to adapt to the new demands of teaching new technologies that we ourselves are unsure on. We cannot impact the learning of our children if we do not keep up to date and constantly look out for new apps, technologies and ways of keeping children safe online.

This is a quick video which i find very interesting which just expands on the fact that our world is always changing and growing.

And also a E-safety poster to make children aware of what they can do if they find something that upsets them or they shouldn’t see online.


As i said, there is constantly new technology arising, but this shouldn’t be seen as a scary matter but a way to teach our children in a more fun and interactive way. One new and exciting app that i have found, made particularly for Autisitc children is the Choiceworks app.


It allows children with autism the ability to have a sense of control over their day, with visual templates and pictures which can be adapted on a day to day basis depending on what you are doing at school. This helps these children to foster independence, positive behaviour and emotional regulation both at home and at school as it can be used at both places. I really like this and think it would make a positive impact on some children’s lives.

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