Using ICT to enhance history. Beth Conroy

Back in January, the History specialists had a seminar on integrating ICT with History and using ICT to enhance teaching and learning in History. There were many great ideas, many of which could also be used to enhance teaching in learning in other subjects such as Geography, RE and Science, and so I wanted to share them on the resource bank.

One app which we explored during the lesson was Thinglink. We created a piccollage of pictures of the D-Day landings, then used Thinglink to add text and media to give clues for what the pictures are about. I think this could be used as a great interactive end of topic assessment, or a focus of a lesson where pupils research a topic and create one of these to test their peers.

We then created a Telegami avatar also based on the D-Day landings. I think this could be used as an exciting hook for children at the beginning of a lesson, or as an engaging way for pupils to present their learning.

We discussed many more ways of enhancing History during the lesson, which can be found on my blog post through this link:

As aforementioned, many of these ideas can be adapted to enhance learning in other subjects too. I hope this was helpgul!

Contributor: Beth Conroy

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