Stop Motion Animation

Within Session 2 we looked at stop motion animation with the use of Zu3D. With further investigate we found multiple educational videos using stop motion animations.

The resource below show how stop motion animation can be used to link with Science and the objective “to explore the part that flowers play in the life cycle of flowering plants, including pollination”. This can be used as a creative alternative to teacher demonstration which is both interesting and informative.


To further this concept of learning through stop motion animation children could make their own with the use of Zu3D explaining another process of a flower’s life cycle such as seed formation. To enhance the videos it be beneficial to use video editing software such as MovieMaker to add audio commentary. With this activity children will be developing their knowledge of plants as well as showing cross curricular links with Art (as the increase their awareness of different kinds of arts, crafts and designs). Note that this activity would be used in lower Key Stage 2.


This post was collaboratively made with Sarah Davey and Shannen Church.




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