Subject Knowledge Prezi: Christianity

Subject: RE

Key Stage: 2

Title: Christianity Overview and Christingle Activity

Idea: This prezi contains a possible teacher led presentation to give a brief overview of Christianity to a KS2 class. It looks at areas such as festivals, people in the church and types of Christians. This overview session can then be followed up with a more specific focus on one of the mentioned topics. At the end of the prezi is an optional activity to make Christingles.

Questions: What do the children know about each of the topic areas (eg: festivals) in reference to Christianity? Is anyone a Christian and what sort of church do they attend? How does Christianity differ to other religions we’ve looked at?

Activities: Christingle – For each child you will need; one candle, one orange, four cocktail sticks and 8 sweets/pieces of fruit.

Contributors: Morgan Masters, Lauren Randall and Megan Glover

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