Meg J- Thinglink

An interesting app that my group found on the iPad was called ‘Thinglink’, this app allows you to chose an image of your choice and then create it to be interactive. You can create it to become interactive, by adding pictures,videos and text to it. These will be hidden by markers on the picture, once you click the picture the image/text or video will be shown.

This is an easy app to use, with a little bit of guidance children of all ages should be able to use it. Furthermore, it can be used universally across the curriculum, depending what you topic is based on. As this is an interactive app, it can apply to all children’s learning needs, including visual, auditory and kineastetic.

Ours was based from a focus story of ‘The Tiger who came to tea.’ From this we created a non-fiction board, with a tiger as the back ground and then information facts, media and videos pin pointed on. This can also be a positive way to assess the children’s learning through a question and answer quiz, but primarily it is a different way to learning facts rather than just being spoken to.

I would definitely use this in a class. Here is an example of the one that as a group we created.

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