Charlotte & Sophie- iMovie/Shadow puppet idea- early years.

In our ICT sessions we have been focusing on creating resources based on a story. We decided to choose Jack and the Beanstalk, which ironically is a story the children on my school experience are looking at in a few weeks time. We decided that when in the classroom setting it is important to create that sparky start and hook children onto the new topic. Therefore, we decided to create the iMovie to introduce the story. We agreed that we would play this and then encourage the children to think about what might happen (predictions) and create their own questions that they want to know before reading the story. This allows the children to have more involvement rather than a teacher just reading a story! It is a simple and effective way to hook children. The iMovie was simple to make and can be used in a variety of ways. For example it could be used to display children’s work at the end of a topic or to summarise the children’s year in the summer term allow children to recall. This resource I will be using in school experience in a few weeks time. Here is the iMovie video:

Furthermore, we used shadow puppet to make a video about growing a beanstalk- a potential activity that could happen within the school based on the story. This was really simple to use and could include pictures from the internet or your own pictures. However, as this was made in the university and not on school experience we had to use internet images. Whereas, in the school setting I would use images of the children actually growing their plants or real images of me previously growing one to make it more ‘real’ for the children. Also, you can record your voice over the video, the only reason we did not do this is because this option wasn’t working on the day. However, this was a nice way of presenting the lesson/activity and can be used in a variety of ways. Also, as it is very simple to use so that children could make their own which is always nice to see. Here is what we made:

As you can see both of these have been uploaded to youtube. The apps provide options to upload it to different types of media in order to view it.

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