SCRATCH – my attempt!

I myself have never used this program before so it was interesting working through the steps and seeing myself progress from having to follow the steps closely and carefully to being able to add in my own steps from what I thought would be good. Looking from a teachers perspective, this provides great resources for differentiation – the step-by-step guide is perfect for novices which most children will be as it breaks it down to the most basic level, only being able to progress to the next stage once it has been successfully completed. For those children who aren’t novices or who progress through the steps quickly there are ‘scratch cards’ where one side shows what you can do and the other how to do it with numbers at the bottom to tell you the level of difficulty and also opportunities for them to explore and experiment with different codes themselves to create their own rather than following instructions. This is my finished SCRATCH animation – it’s nothing special but I’m proud!

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