Using QR Codes to Make Learning Interesting

So during our Technology outside the Classroom lesson, Martha and I had a play with the Green Screen and made some weather and geography reports, investigating it’s use for the classroom.

green screen studio

With the cross curricular link to Geography, we could easy see how children to access it in any subject, as we had done something so simple in this exploration just to fit in a bit of geography!

Once this was done, I had a bit of a play with another thing that we could use outside the ICT classroom- a QR Code.

The QR Code

Becoming more frequently used the QR Code gives people access to links upon scanning, and can be created by anyone- giving the children the opportunity to access it made my teachers with instructions for their lesson, or to make their own!

Having had a play, we realised this was accessible to children of all ages, and of all abilities in the school. Children of EAL could use this, accessing the English language though filming and basic language, watching it back to see themselves. The prior knowledge needed only really needs to be how to use the filming technology, and what you are going to be speaking about.
Perhaps even giving children knowledge about how green screening works and why they use the colours blue and green!

Here is the QR Code Martha and I used for our resource- feel free to Scan it and see how we linked this with Green Screening!

Scan this to find our weather/geography report!

Scan this to find our weather/geography report!

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