Using Animoto!

In the second session we were exploring the use of apps and online tools to create image and animation.

We were very impressed with the online tool AnimotoAnimoto helps you make rich videos in minutes. You simply choose a theme and music then add photos and video clips. There is a vast music library where you can pick a song and you can choose from a wide variety of video style options.

A benefit of this tool is that you can create and share however you like: web, mobile or tablet. Most schools will have access to at least one of these resources
Once completed you can post and share your videos in many ways: email, Facebook, twitter, URL link, youtube, embed code, pint rest, tumblr, WordPress, Blogger, Vimeo, Smugmug, vzaar, Wisita and LinkedIn. In school you should set clear rules about where children are allowed to post the video for example, they might be able to post it on a class or school blog but not on personal social media. 

The only downside to this tool is that you have to choose one of their set themes meaning children may have to adapt their original idea. However, there are plenty of themes to choose from so children should be spoilt for choice!

The online tool could be used in schools for different purposes. For example, used to summarise research or to round up a topic.

This is an example I made about going back to school:

Back to School


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