Diwali – Using QR Codes

Today we created a page of resources based on Diwali, children hold up a QR reader on a iPad to access the Diwali resources we found useful or created. I also uploaded this resource onto the class resource bank so that other members of the group can access the resource developed.

Click on the link below to access the QR codes for yourself…


Our resources consist of –

A video – the video is a child’s perspective of Diwali showing a range of rituals and facts about Diwali, the video is recorded in Leicester which is close to home this showing and developing knowledge that different religions are all around the world.

Create your own Mendi – This web tool, allows the child to take a photograph of their own hand or aDiwali friends hand and upload it onto the site, the site then allows the child to design/create/draw over the image their own Mendi pattern.

Rama and Sita Story – This site is brilliant, at first I thought it was just a story telling device however when I researched further their was games and interactive activities to assist children’s knowledge and development of the story.

Popplet Plenary –  This popplet with both images and text is designed to be an end of task summary, children are to fill out their answers based on their new knowledge and understanding.

Created by Tess Ford and Becki Walker


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