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This comic strip is made using images taken on the iPad through exploring little lego people and putting them onto an app called Comic life.

Subject: Using the app comic life to create a story.

Key stage: Upper Ks1 and Ks2

Title: Dragon terror comic

Idea: We took images taken on an iPad that were put into the app Storyjumper and used them in a different genre in comic life. This helps children to see the use of images in more than one genre and it is a fun and interactive way of practising this skill.

Key questions: 

– How is this different to using the story jumper app? Which would you prefer?

– How could we develop our pictures further?


Taking it further: We could perhaps develop this in iMovie by using the images

Useful Links: English, Art

Contributor: Lucy Moran and Chloe Hillery

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