An interactive poster – washing hands

This is an interactive poster created using a combination of two websites: Thinglink and Powtoon. We used the theme of washing hands (PSHE) however, any poster could be created on any theme using these websites.

Powtoon is an online version of Videoscribe. You can find pictures from online and create animated videos and presentations while adding your own text. You can also select themes such as ‘mission impossible’ so that you can simply add text and pictures in a format/theme you want. I prefer this to video scribe as there are many more options you can add to it and it is simple to use. Children would love to use Powtoon as it is so simple and it could be used in any subject to create a little movie or presentation on a topic. This would have similar benefits to the Green screen projects too. Powtoon is free to sign up to. Here is a hyperlink to the Powtoon website:

After creating our Powtoon, we decided to use Thinglink as a poster with our Powtoon video included as a hotspot. Thinglink is also free to sign up to online, and it works by creating hotspots wherever you want on a picture (any picture you find) and then you can add text, video clips, hyperlinks and more! We enjoyed using this website as it is simple to use and it is great to inform people. Our Thinglink could be used on the interactive whiteboard and children can click on the hotspot to find out information independently. This could be adapted for any age group and any theme idea. Children would also enjoy using it Thinglink and with a whole class they can swap their projects around to find out more information!

Here is a hyperlink to Thinglink :

Below is our interactive Thinglink:

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