FS Frog Life Cycle Resources with QR codes

frog life cycles qr codes

Frog life cycle booklet– this is a template children could use on screen or printed out. If they were doing computer research they could write their findings directly into the booklet.

Talking Tom– Children could go on the app and make  a news report about frogs.

Song about frog life cycles– this links to a fun YouTube video which would reinforce the learning. Linking to YouTube with QR codes means  children are not wasting time typing in URLs.

Children’s puppet show of the tadpole’s promise. You could put QR codes in the front of your books that links to YouTube videos children in the class had made of themselves retelling or reviewing the story.  This would be a great way to record and review learning.talking tomretelling of tadpole's promise

frog life cycle song

frog life cycle booklet



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