The 7 Continents by Samantha and Adele

Here myself and Adele have created a resource a teacher can use with a KS1 class to teach the children about the 7 continents. It is a very simple prezi due to there being just a background image and labels. A teacher will be able to expand on this and add in more detail with each text or even add in some pictures depending on the topic, for example if the topic is animals the teacher could put pictures of where you find different types of animals.

We have also created an outcome that a pupil could come up with using the ipad app PuppetPals, this was very simple to use and it very effective. This app is really good to use with children as they are able to express themselves using speech rather than having to write everything down. This app could also make it easier for the teacher to assess the children’s learning as the children will be able to show and speak at the same time showing what they have learnt.




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