Puppet Pals – Manipulating Media

After trying lots of different applications that manipulated media, we decided to use an application called ‘Puppet Pals’ on the iPad to aid storytelling within a primary classroom. We found that Puppet Pals was an incredibly easy application to use and we managed to write, perform and edit our story in under an hour! I particularly enjoyed that the application was very creative, in that it allowed the children the opportunity to tell whatever story they liked – a chance to show off their work and knowledge.

The app was very inclusive for all children, in that it provides the space for the children to make their performances as simple or as complicated as they want. The basics of the application should be simple to follow, providing that the teacher role models how to use Puppet Pals.

The main reason I love this application is because it allows children to write an amazing story and be given the opportunity to read it aloud for someone to listen to – giving them a great sense of achievement!

Here is our Puppet Pals masterpiece!

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